Deadly Custard is the creation of Somerset UK based Graphic Designer Jon Newton. Having been interested in music production for over 10 years, a new drive to create happened when he joined an online music production masterclass in 2016. “The community taking the course at the time were excellent; like-minded students learning and helping each other, it was very motivating for those who got involved at the very start.” From that point on, with the help and encouragement from his new music producing friends, he has expanded his knowledge and skills and has found a direction for his music.

Deadly Custard's early work was based around either techno or experimental electronica. Those influences are still present but now DC uses his design background to help create his music “I've come to realise that (for me) music and design are closely linked. Colour, tone, texture, contrast, that's what really interests me. I really enjoy following electronic musicians who have an art element to what they do”.

Expect to hear evolving textures and melodic motifs underpinned with a groove of found and recorded sounds.